Dacryphilia is the sexual arousal by crying and tears. In this case the tears of british uk slave girl Pixie starring in the extreme dacryphilia and bdsm film Powerless in which Pixie is tortured to tears and humiliated whilst crying helplessly

dacryphilia crying fetish

Brought to a place of suffering, she is blindfolded, stripped and hung from a beam. Her body is a plaything; she suffers for your amusement.  Her flesh is pinched, beaten and battered, the crop cuts into her most delicate parts. The blindfold is removed, so that her tragedy can show through her eyes, as the pain increases. Her cunt is cruelly clamped shut, and ice stings her body. Her nipples frozen in glass vacuum bulbs as sharp spikes tease the freezing flesh, and still she is beaten, until her tears begin to flow freely.  She is tied, still sobbing, in strenuous rope bondage, one leg pulled painfully up to the ceiling, leaving her balanced on the toes of one foot, while he penetrates her cunt and mouth, using her helpless holes to complete her humiliation.