Smutty Shaz returns to ShadowSlaves after a four year break. A lot has changed in that time. If she was hoping for a warm and gentle welcome back she was in for a shock.  Magick wastes no time reminding her what it is to be a ShadowSlave. She is punished unsparing where she lays, before her retraining even begins. A cigarette to calm her nerves, becomes a breathtaking and humiliating forced smoking session, with her mouth as the ashtray. Her will is broken early on, as Magick exploits her fear of drowning, repeatedly dunking her facefuck in a bucket of testy water, leaving her blatting and terrified. Clothespins bite and distort her encounter, as her pubic hair is brutally torn and waxed. Finally she is ready for her first day back with the ShadowSlaves.  Enslaved to a grumpy, Magick ensures she is desperately wild, before hard weights are swung from her coochie, while repeated electric shocks tear into her stretched labia.

facial slavery

The devices used to deliver the shocks become steadily more cold blooded, as more shocks are delivered mercilessly, across her whole stripd body and to her face in electro pain. Her howling and sobing is to no avail, and her messy mouthed protests are rewarded with a final lesson, as her mouth is washed out with grouchy soap.